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The impact of social media does not stop online, it is part of a much larger sphere of influence and although social media may initially create a certain buzz regarding a topic,   overall the power of it will create word of mouth advocacy. The recruitment world is rapidly changing and it is more relevant than ever to engage in business with the expanding and forever progressing ‘social media’.

Social networking is governing and revolutionising the system in which the recruitment industry operates and can no longer be disregarded. As a result recruiters are currently taking a much more proactive method to sourcing and vetting candidates through use of their social media.

It is generally accepted that social media is an influential and commanding force that will help the development of so many recruiters every week, month and year but as a recruitment agency we are fully aware of the many factors to consider such as, a company’s time, objectives, outcome of recruiting the wrong staff and the numerous risks involved etc.  Therefore a company should pragmatically consider their strategy if recruiting via social media.  We have had many years of experience in hiring employees and matching them to the correct job.  However, we are also aware that candidates have now become savvier to the recruitment process mainly because of social media and can now more readily approach potential employers directly.

Influential Impact of Facebook and Twitter
The development in online recruitment via social networking is thought to have given rise to such sites as Facebook and Twitter.  For instance, websites such as Facebook and Youtube give people the chance to connect, offer opinions, exchange knowledge, as well as providing experience of jobs and interviews.  This has the influence of optimistically or pessimistically affecting a company’s employer brand; and the reputation of a company’s employer brand is vital to attract a flourishing and existing ‘talent pool.’

However, Social Media is by No Means a Magical Panacea to Attract the Best Candidates by a Cost-Cutting Process
A candidate’s online application is evidently now becoming the first port of call for the bulk of recruiters and applications are carefully analysed, streamed and vetted.  Social networks allow employers, via the image and influence of their employer brand, to modify communication and contact the most suitable audience.  However, for recruiters to receive maximum use of social media, careful strategy is essential, as it is not as simple and straight forward as building a fan page.

At Cordant People IE we acknowledge that a successful recruitment strategy necessitates substance, engagement and collaboration and it is by no means cheap.  Any social network or social media outlet will present numerous opportunities for recruiters to source candidates. The key element is to vet and source wisely and, of course, appropriately.

How Social Media Can Target the ‘Passive’ Candidate
An employee could be absolutely content in their current employment but a friend may in casual conversation be able to inform them of a good opportunity they have just read on Facebook, which could have the effect of attracting them.  This clearly shows the influence and magnetism of social media by connecting to the ‘passive candidate’.

Advertising via Social Media
A company should submit and manage their social media recruitment campaign with the same attitude as any online marketing campaign.  The main focus should be to adopt the most suitable social media platform for their viewers.

Appeal, Pull and Magnetism of Social Media
The pace and power of social media is having a worldwide major bearing on recruitment because candidates can now search for employment anywhere and in many ways.  For example, in May of last year (2013), the USA Army presented a high profile on line recruitment drive, which allowed them to take full advantage of the influence of recruitment through social media - thereby acknowledging that there is no better approach of ‘tapping in’ to young people and possible recruits than by engaging with the magnetism of social media. 

Globally businesses and industries are accepting new digital recruitment tools and techniques to enhance the value of their ‘talent pool’.

Mobile Recruiting
The American firm Sears, which also includes the K-mart chain, is currently one of the biggest brands to implement mobile recruiting.  This device permits job-seekers to receive immediate information on their cell phones via Twitter, as soon as vacancies are presented on-line.

In all cultures you will find that high performers naturally blend together, it is by this method that communities and societies advance networking. It is usual and common to find pupils and students who have been educated at the same schools, colleges and universities being employed by the same company.

International companies are establishing world-class players by the power of social media, just by drumming into a huge talent pool and establishing their employer branding and creating a unique presence.

This information clearly demonstrates that if a company is not using or engaging in the influence and power of social media, they are simply ‘missing the trick’ and are denying themselves entry to a wider audience.

However, is there a danger of over use of Social Media?
There is no escaping the fact that we now live a world of social media but just because something is happening does not completely mean that you have to participate and take advantage of it for the purpose of promoting a company’s brand because there is a fine line between being clever and being annoying as this will consequently result in irritation.